Kimya materials

Introducing Kimya PEI Support, a new high-performance breakaway support filament meticulously designed to elevate your 3D printing experience. Tailored for use with Kimya PEI-9085 and Kimya PEI- 1010 filaments, both based on ULTEM by Sabic, this innovative support material brings a new level of functionality to your printing of ultramaterial parts.

Perfect Synergy with ULTEM-based PEI 3D printed parts

Crafted with precision, Kimya PEI Support establishes a perfect synergy with Kimya PEI-9085 and Kimya PEI-1010 filaments. The synergy ensures an optimal 3D printing experience, with the support material exhibiting excellent adhesion to the model material. This seamless integration guarantees a hassle-free printing process with consistent and reliable results.

The challenge of printing intricate parts with complex geometries and internal features has met its match with Kimya PEI Support. This innovative support material opens up a new realm of design possibilities, enabling the creation of high-performance material parts that were once deemed impossible through traditional manufacturing methods. By providing essential structural support during the printing process, Kimya PEI Support prevents the collapse of model material before hardening. This not only ensures the integrity of the final product but also facilitates the fabrication of intricate designs that push the boundaries of what can be achieved through 3D printing. Embrace the freedom to implement complex geometries and internal features, knowing that using Kimya PEI Support is reliable, making the realization of once-considered unattainable designs a tangible and exciting prospect in the world of 3D printing.

Kimya part

High-Temperature Resistance and post-processing ease

Engineered with high-temperature resistance, Kimya PEI Support seamlessly complements our Ultra range of PEI filaments. This feature ensures the durability of your prints, even in the most challenging conditions, opening possibilities for a broader range of applications.

Bid farewell to cumbersome post-processing routines. Kimya PEI Support eliminates the need for chemical dissolution of the final part, allowing for effortless removal at room temperature. The breakaway support not only saves valuable time but it also peels away from the rest of your final printed part with a pristine, smooth finish, leaving you with an accurate
model and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your creations. The natural transparent color of Kimya PEI Support serves a practical purpose beyond aesthetics. It creates a distinct contrast with the amber color of PEI filaments, facilitating the easy identification of support zones that require removal. This transparency enhances overall printing precision, allowing you to achieve meticulous and accurate prints with confidence.

Empowering Your 3D Printing Process

Kimya PEI Support goes beyond being just a support filament; it empowers you to achieve outstanding parts without unnecessary complexity. With its reliable high-temperature resistance, user-friendly breakaway support, and seamless integration with ULTEM-based PEI filaments, Kimya PEI Support welcomes you to explore enhanced possibilities in 3D printing. Elevate your creations, streamline your workflow, and enjoy a more efficient and effective printing experience.

The filament can be used on all major high-performance industrial 3D printers following these printing condition recommendations:

  • T° ext =375-385°C
  • T° bed=175-190°C
  • T° chamber=170-180°C
  • Printing speed = 50-70mm/s