Two brand new Shining 3D Freescan scanners called the UE X7 and UE X11 offer a new threshold for high precision scanning combined with a lighter design and enhanced functionality.

The enhanced software can import scans into Control X with a single mouse click, completely streamlining the scan-based inspection process. Accuracy for both the UE X7 and UE X11 is an incredible +/-20 microns (+/-.00078”) with an excellent volumetric accuracy of 20 microns + 40 microns/meter while maintaining a maximum resolution of just 50 microns (.0019”). Combining precision accuracy with extremely high resolution, this scanner opens the door for precision scanning of complex parts while still paying attention to very fine detail.

Freescan UE X7 and X11

Both black and reflective surfaces are now supported by the UE scanner series to minimize, and in many cases eliminate, the need for any type of scanning spray to achieve high-quality scans suitable for rigid metrology applications.

Freescan UE X7 and X11
The main differentiator between the UE X7 and the UE X11 is scanning speed. Due to the 11 blue crosses used by the X11 as compared to the 7 used by the X7, the scanning speed is an incredible 1.2 million points per second while the X7 still scans at an extremely fast 650,000 points per second. For high accuracy and resolution with excellent repeatability offered by both devices, the X11 can accomplish the same scanning project in roughly ½ the time as the X7.

Supporting a wide range of output formats, including; OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3 and 3MF, the UE X7 and X11 set new standards for ease of use, integration with scan processing products and price performance. For more information on these new Shining 3D scanners, please click the button below to contact our expert on staff.