Attention all Mastercam users who inspect parts using a CMM . . .


You no longer need to tolerate the programming system that came with your Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). If you have multiple CMM’s, each with their own clumsy programming system, you can now program them all using a single simple-to-use software product that runs from within the user-friendly Mastercam programming environment.

While CMM’s are a necessity in most job shops and manufacturing facilities, the software tools provided to program them can be challenging and cumbersome. In fact, many companies delegate one expert to develop inspection plans for their CMM(s). But what happens then when that person is unavailable?

What if programming inspection plans became as simple as programming your CNC’s? What if every CNC programmer could easily transition to also being a CMM programmer?

Verisurf’s Universal CMM software (UCMM) takes advantage of the Mastercam User Interface and runs from within the Mastercam Design product, making the transition for a CNC programmer to also handle CMM programming fast and painless.

Verisurf’s UCMM offers a software-only solution that can replace your current, cryptic CMM programming system with a simple solution that includes all of the Mastercam tools for geometry selection and manipulation without disabling your current CMM programming software. This means that if you have thousands of inspection plans already written and proven for your old software, you can continue using them while you migrate all new inspection projects to Verisurf’s UCMM.

Verisurf’s UCMM enables direct access to all the functionality of most CMM’s including automatic probe changers, head indexing and complete joystick support and as mentioned, Verisurf’s UCMM will coexist with your existing CMM programming software as no hardware changes or retrofits are required.

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