This article will discuss leveraging organic shapes, and utilizing them in the CAD world. So why is it important to have that ability? In design, there are many situations that arise that may require the utilization of organic or freeform shapes.

Leverage and Import Organic Shapes

One example of this is the optional bust cap design on the MDCI perfume bottles. After carefully hand-crafting these, this complex shape needs to be inserted into the final cap design, producing some gorgeous results. To have to model those shapes in CAD would be a bear!

Another example of when organic shapes might be required is when you are creating an ergonomic design. Whether you are following the shape of your lower back, your legs, or your hands, that freeform shape needs to be created, then included in the final mechanical design.

Leverage and Import Organic Shapes

This was the case of Joe Olson, who in less than a year, created the ErgoJoystick, to replace the typical knobs that cause fatigue due to the fact that they are designed for an upright position. Again, complex shapes, leveraged into CAD.

Leverage and Import Organic Shapes

The question is, how do you take complex organic freeform shapes, and bring them into the CAD world where you can complete the design and make it functional?

That is where 3D scanning comes in. It takes the existing physical organic shape, creates a replica, and then you are able to export it into CAD as a usable model. An example of this is the First Order TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet that ANOVOS sells.

Leverage and Import Organic ShapesLeverage and Import Organic Shapes

This helmet is created from 3D scans and references from the original prop. Once that outer shape is scanned and captured, the helmet design can then take place. The exterior fiberglass shell, the metal respirator fittings, the interior lining, the bubble lenses, and so forth.

Being able to leverage and import organic shapes in CAD means that the creative design ideas that you can produce are limitless. 3D Scanning is what creates the bridge between those two worlds.

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