Functional Prototypes webinar

You can make functional prototypes much more economically by using 3D printed injection molds. One of the most dramatic impacts of 3D printing on design and manufacturing is with injection molding. Companies such as Seuffer, Unilever, Arad Group and Whale report significant savings in molding costs and production time by 3D printing injection molds to test designs before mass production and produce small quantities of custom parts.

Learn more by viewing this 60-minute webinar as Gil Robinson, Stratasys senior application engineer, explains the what, why and how of 3D printed injection molding. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • When it makes sense to use them.
  • Why companies include them with traditional methods.
  • How much time and cost are saved.
  • What types of materials can be injected.
  • How they enable parts with complex features.
  • Who uses them.

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