You don’t want to miss our upcoming Xpand3D. This free event is rapidly approaching and will be taking place next week (May 25 – 26). Along with lots of information about 3D Printing, Scanning, and Reverse Engineering, we will have an entire track dedicated to CNC Machining with lots of Mastercam topics included. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

Sneak Peek of Mastercam 2022

Grab a sneak peek at some of the new features coming in Mastercam 2022.

The Best Kept Secret Features of Mastercam

Learn some hidden, lesser-known tips and tricks in Mastercam to reduce programming time.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Process with High-Efficiency Machining (HEM) Training

In the past decade, significant advancements have been made in CNC toolpath strategies making some unbelievable claims. As a CNC shop owner, manager, programmer, or purchasing agent for CNC manufacturing, understanding these claims and what is needed can be difficult to determine the investment. We will break down some of the claims and explain what you need to make HEM work for your machines, the benefits, and what you should consider for the future. Last we will give you an overview of our HEM training that your programmers can implement immediately after taking the class.

Why 5-axis Machining is More Valuable Than You Think

A look into the use of 5-axis machines for more than just live 5-axis work. We will look into using them in the scenario of multi-sided work for setup time savings vs standard 2 or 3-axis machinery. Possibly opening the doors in the future to more advanced work thru the use of simply starting out with multiple side work or 3+2.

The Fundamentals of CNC Machining for Engineers

This session is designed to give the programmer a logical process by which to manufacture parts using their own equipment and how to use Mastercam to efficiently accomplish this task.

Are All Post-processors the Same?

A breakdown of the various options available for Mastercam post processors. Key differences between free, and custom post-processors available will be discussed as well as their impacts on your productivity. Also a live demo of Cimquest’s new web-based post-processor interface, Post-HQ will look to the future of post-processing.

Nespresso Pod Holder Case Study

Utilizing Multiple Technologies – 3D Printing, Scanning, CNC Machining, Mastercam for SolidWorks

How Overengineering your Quoting Process is Costing You

Over the last several years, DigiFabster has worked closely with hundreds of machine shops and 3D printing bureaus to understand their RFQ processes and refine our automated quoting software. With a mountain of data and insight into standard shop practices, we’ve identified a common mistake many shops make when they aim for 100% quoting “accuracy” we call it “overengineering” quotes. This presentation will cover what this means, how it could be costing your business, and possible solutions.

Coloring with a Big Crayon – Building Parts Quickly Using Hybrid Manufacturing

Most of the media coverage for additive manufacturing concerns making complex geometry and intricate parts that can’t be manufactured any other way using powder bed fusion, selective laser sintering, material jetting, etc. or the democratization of design and manufacturing using inexpensive 3D printers utilizing material extrusion. There is an entirely different family of additive manufacturing processes that are used for building large structures using minimal material, adding features to existing components, repairing broken components, and applying surface coatings for various applications. Much of the time, rather than building the final part geometry to the required tolerances, the philosophy is to build the part close to the final shape and post-process it (usually with machining) to the finished dimensions. This discussion covers additive manufacturing processes that quickly produce near-net shapes using high deposition rates along with their applications.

You can view the full schedule of presentations and reserve your spot by clicking the button below. We hope you can make it!