New 3D Scanners from Creaform

We have expanded our metrology and reverse-engineering product line to include new 3D scanners from Creaform. The Go!SCAN 3D produces fast and reliable measurements in a portable and compact form. With the ability to capture 3D organic shapes in full color, this white light scanner can be used for a diverse range of applications, assisting engineers throughout each step of the product development process. We also offer the Handy Scan 3D, a handheld laser scanner of new generation. This flagship scanner matches portability with accuracy, providing high resolution scans of mechanical parts at a rate 25 times faster than the previous generation.

Creaform Scanners come equipped with VXelements, a fully integrated 3D software which delivers real-time visualization, in a user friendly interface. Enhancements such as hole filling and surface optimization deliver exceptional control over the scanning experience. If you desire versatility, speed, and ease of use, then Creaform Scanners are the optimal solution for your metrology and reverse-engineering needs!

In addition, both the Handy-SCAN and Go!SCAN handheld scanners fully integrate with our flagship reverse-engineering and metrology software products, thus allowing Cimquest to offer more diverse solutions for 3D Scanning coupled with complete compatibility to our existing software products.

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