Cimquest now offers new 3D scanning products and services from Shining 3D and Variscan. We made this exciting reveal at ADS 2019 and you can watch the recap video below.
3D scanning

Read on for more details of these two new products.


Based on white light fringe pattern projection, the Variscan scanner models are our industrial, high accuracy, easy to use solution for those seeking to employ the power of 3D scanning for their applications. With a bright high-resolution light source, these scanners offer true value for the novice or the advanced user for almost any application.
*Accurate up to +/- 0.0001″ in a controlled environment

Shining3D is specialized in providing a comprehensive solution for 3D digitizing technology. These ultra-portable handheld scanners provide flexible and convenient scanning, with high accuracy and stability. They are applicable to a wide range of operating environments and a variety of measured objects.
*Accurate up to +/- 0.001″

Watch the new scanning product in action by clicking the button below.