Welcome to the next step in the classroom 3D printing journey. MakerBot’s SKETCH Large 3D printer offering comes equipped with printer training, student curriculum, and enough printing material for a whole semester included, all for $2399.

To celebrate the launch of the SKETCH Large we’ll be giving you the MakerBot Educators Guidebook for FREE, PLUS 30% off on all SKETCH Large accessories when you purchase the SKETCH Large printer — that means you can get extra savings on extra training, guidebooks, print material and more!

*Shipping for SKETCH Large to start later this year.

What you get with SKETCH Large:

Large Printing Capabilities
670 cubic inches of printing space (print up to 10 student projects at a time!)

Enough Printing for a Whole Semester
3 Spools of Easy to Print, PLA Filament

3D Printer Training & Design Thinking Courses
1 x Teacher Seat in Printer Training Course & Curriculum Creation Course
15 x Student Seats in Printer Training Course & Design Thinking Courses

Classroom 3D Printing Management
Free, Cloud-based, printer preparation software

Printer Features & Accessories to Keep 3D Printing Easy and Worry-Free
Flexible Build Plates
Heated Build Stage
Enclosed Print Chamber & Air Filter
Onboard Camera
Spatula & Snippers