Nexa3D Live Demonstration – Ultra-Fast 3D Printing Event in NJ Recap

Yesterday, we hosted our Nexa3D event in New Jersey, where we featured the new NXE 400 3D-printer and LSPc process (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) capable of printing speeds of 1 vertical inch every 2½ minutes (depending on material).  

Nexa3D Event NJ 2-20

(Cimquest’s team demonstrating the equipment & process)

We first showed a static ‘sneak peak’ of this machine at our Xpand3D event back in October 2019, but skepticism around the platform’s speed capabilities had surfaced as a result of the machine not printing in real-time at that event.  To put any doubts to rest once and for all, we decided to prove these speed claims true in front of a live audience using their OWN submitted parts.

Here are the results:

The NXE 400 produced the following parts in just 41 minutes (595 layers/207 mL of resin). Since the speed of output is based on vertical height, your accumulated print time will remain the same regardless of quantity of parts on the build. 

(5 customer parts printed during the demo. The build time is based on vertical height of the tallest part, and not affected by the quantity of parts on the plate.) 

Nexa3D’s system is an ideal solution for companies needing to iterate designs & produce parts at ultra-fast speeds. Their expanding range of materials will appeal to a variety of applications, such as concept modeling, functional performance testing, and manufacturing tooling (jigs, fixtures, end-of-arm robotics, pattern molds, etc.).

We’re hosting another live demo of this machine this coming Tuesday (Feb 25th) at our Sterling, Massachusetts facility, so come join us if you’re within proximity!  For those who wanted to attend yesterdays’ NJ session but couldn’t due to schedule conflicts, we’d be happy to schedule a private demo on a day that’s more convenient for you. Contact us to make arrangements.