3Dprinted Jewelry

pic by Lace by Jenny Wu

Jenny Wu is a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer that uses her architectural background to create complex designs for her necklaces, rings and bracelets. Her company, Lace by Jenny Wu, makes 3D-printed jewelry in a lot of beautiful designs using SLS — Selective Laser Sintering — to essentially melt a powder into shape using lasers as well as printing them in a wax that can then be cast from silver. This gives a few different textures and grains to the final product.

3Dprinted Jewelry

pic by James Bricknell / CNET

Lace leveraged the power of the 3D printers it already had to create nylon versions of its most popular designs that you can purchase for just $3 a ring or $5 for a pack of three. The samples are sent to you in any size you need and are yours to keep, whether you buy the full metal version or not. It gives you a chance to test fit the rings from your own home in the same way you could if you were in the store, without having to be in LA.

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