Two of our Mastercam experts (Rick Bair and Yolexis Lima) recently joined a corporate Mastercam meeting to discuss the success they were having with Mastercam Swiss Solutions. Here is what our experts shared about their confidence in the product, and how it is not only opening the doors to new customers but strengthening relationships with customers already using Mastercam.

The following are excerpts from the presentation.

Top left to right: Mastercam Swiss Product Specialist Chris Leclerc, Cimquest Director of Mastercam Sales Rick Bair. Bottom left to right: Cimquest Senior Account Executive Yolexis Lima, Mastercam Chief Technology Officer TJ Boberek

Rick: I’ve been selling Mastercam for thirty years, and this is the first time that I’ve had a Swiss solution that I feel comfortable with. The Swiss market has been growing tremendously in our territory, so it’s something we definitely need to have. Chris’s knowledge of the Swiss world and machines allows him to be extremely helpful when explaining the Swiss solution to customers and potential customers.

Having this Swiss solution keeps us in the conversation with potential customers that have Swiss machines, as well as keeping our existing Mastercam customers from looking at other products for a solution.

It’s very easy to use, it’s already in Mastercam, and it’s a steppingstone for what Swiss may be able to do for them in the future.

Yolexis: I want to go over two customer stories selling the Swiss solution. The first is a long-time, loyal Mastercam customer in New Jersey. They have a Swiss department that has been using PartMaker for years. They reached out and asked if we had any kind of Swiss solution for their machines. We went in and discussed how the product works. They already knew Mastercam Mill and Mastercam Lathe.

We started showing how the setup would be and how the code itself looked, and after about an hour and a half demonstration, this programmer was convinced that he would get good code to his machine. This customer ended up purchasing additional Mastercam licenses to have their Swiss work be full-blown inside of Mastercam, and they are looking to get rid of PartMaker altogether.

The second customer I want to talk about is a government facility that was doing a lot of big production runs. They were not really using the machine to its full potential, but the parts they were running were very important. We went into this facility and went through and worked through the Citizen trial post we had given them. Within a month, they bought that post, and they are looking to purchase a secondary post for a Tsugami as well.

Those two customer stories really built huge confidence within me and within a lot of the other sales reps here at Cimquest. We have had multiple occasions when customers are calling in; they have maybe PartMaker and some other software, they want to consolidate their CAM solution or their CAM product, and they want to write SOPs within the company. They want to know when they are going out to hire somebody, what software they are looking to hire people with.

If somebody tells me they have 3-, 4-, 5-axis vertical or horizontal mills, they have some mill-turn lathes, and they have a full room of Swiss machines, now I can, with confidence, and that’s the keyword, provide a full solution in a proposal that I know Cimquest, with the support of Mastercam, will be able to deliver on—and make a customer that will be happy and become one of those loyal, longtime customers that will never look anywhere else again.

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