Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019 – “How to Create a Projected First Article from a Virtual Mold Trial in Moldex3D.” This webinar will give an overview of how you can run a virtual mold trial as if you were standing on your production floor and produce complete dimensional results, reducing or eliminating rework. The webinar will start with details needed in your simulation model. How to run a scientific process matching your machine. How the resulting virtual part can be evaluated dimensionally as if you produced a physical part. Including color map (aligned to datums), complete “projected first article” and a process window study graphed to critical dimensions. Lastly how to adjust your tooling model to get a clean “projected first article” reducing rework.

Webinar Outline

  • How to create a simulation model to get accurate results
  • How to accurately run a scientific virtual mold trial
  • How to produce a “projected FAIR” and dimensional colormap
  • How to modify the model to get a clean “projected FAIR”

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