Join Cimquest for an in-depth look at PMI-driven inspection using CAD (SOLIDWORKS) and Geomagic Control X. In this workshop, you will see the seamless integration of Product Manufacturing Information from CAD driving a complete part inspection in Control X. By setting up PMI dimensions with tolerances, datums, GD&T, notes, labels, etc. in SOLIDWORKS using ‘Dimension Expert’, the inspection of the part then becomes fully automated.

Presentation topics include

  • What is Product Manufacturing Information and why is it important to you?
  • How does non-contact inspection work?
  • Eliminating mistakes of interpreting inspection drawings by having the parameters for inspection entered one time in CAD and then automatically read and executed by Control X.

Date:  Wed, March 14th
Time:  9am-11am & 1pm-3pm
Location: Cimquest Inc., Branchburg, NJ
Cost: Free

Who should attend?
Shop owners, Quality Managers, Programmers who also inspect, CAD users whose designs go to machine shops for fabrication, inspectors.

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