UE ProToday we are going to talk about working with the FreeScan UE Pro laser handheld 3D scanner, brought to you by Shining 3D. Just as CNC machine tool and 3D printer manufacturers design products to address different part sizes, materials, etc. scanners are no different. It takes the expert staff we have at Cimquest to offer guidance and direction for users tasked with choosing the scanning solution that best fits their metrology and reverse engineering requirements.

The FreeScan UE Pro is a high-precision, metrology-grade laser scanner. While providing an incredible capability for fine-feature scanning using its 5-laser line mode, it also improves the global position control for large-scale, workpiece scanning by deploying built-in photogrammetry.

Among the many excellent characteristics, the UE Pro can scan normal, reflective, and even black parts and can do so all within the same scanning project. Therefore, for parts of varying size details and made up of varying textures (shiny metal, black tubes, etc.), the UE Pro is an excellent selection as it can adapt quickly to these different scanning requirements and challenges.

Pro E1 interface

There are three laser controls. The main scanning environment utilizes 26 crossing lasers for getting through large scanning projects very quickly. The 5 parallel laser line scanning mode may be used for fine-feature or high-resolution scanning. The single laser line mode utilizes just a single camera and one laser line, excellent for scanning intricate geometry such as small holes.

Pro E1 interface

The UE Pro also comes with scale bars and built-in photogrammetry for increasing volumetric accuracy when scanning large objects. As with most scanning applications that deploy photogrammetry, a separate photogrammetric camera is not required for the UE Pro. Additionally, our Photogrammetric function does not require special coded targets. It will quickly lock-in the spatial position of the target frame to dial-in volumetric accuracy.

When considering speed, accuracy, resolution, and part size, the UE Pro is our most versatile, metrology-grade scanner with an accuracy of 20 microns, a maximum resolution of 20 microns, and an incredible scanning speed of 1.85 million points per second. While the scanning applications for the UE Pro span a large range of applications, some of the main manufacturing disciplines these scanners excel in are the Automotive, Railway/Transportation, Aerospace, Energy Manufacturing, Mold Inspection, and Machine Manufacturing industries.

Shining 3D FreeScan UE Pro

Pro E1 interface

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