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Xact Metal is reframing its metal additive technology as a valuable option in a mold builder’s toolbox through expansion of its moldmaking and material partnerships.

Xact Metal Launches Initiative for 3D Printing in Moldmaking

Shown here is an Xact Metal printed automotive connector insert on a tool with the corresponding plastic injection molded final part. Source | JST Sales America, Inc., an Xact Metal customer.

Xact Metal has announced the launch of its new initiative, “Breaking the Mold: The Xact Solution to Better Tooling.” This initiative aims to change the approach to metal 3D printing in the tooling industry by reframing the technology as a valuable option in a moldmaker’s toolbox.

Available with less investment than traditional metal 3D options, Xact Metal says that its printers can generate profit for molding and tooling businesses alike, demonstrated by a growing portfolio of customer successes. More than 140 machines have been installed globally, and Xact Metal is confidently expanding into the tooling space through strategic material partnerships, fine-tuned printing parameters, and collaboration with software and polishing companies to provide a complete solution from design to final part.

Xact Metal’s 3D printers complement traditional manufacturing processes by offering cost-effective solutions for producing small inserts and complex geometries that are otherwise challenging or costly to manufacture. The company aims to break down barriers for powder bed fusion technology by providing high performance at a low cost, Additionally, Xact Metal’s technology enables on-site production, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

Recent customers Actco Tool and Mfg and Spectrum Plastics Group, a DuPont Business, have invested in Xact Metal technology to strategically grow their capabilities for tooling and molding applications. They join existing Xact Metal customers such as JST, a global connectors manufacturer, and The Plastek Group, a global plastics packaging company specializing in mold building. Both of these customers use Xact Metal technology to create complex mold inserts for injection molds.

“We are excited about the new possibilities direct metal 3D printing brings to our rapid prototyping capabilities and engineering labs,” says Tyler Stark, innovation hub leader at Spectrum. “Adding stainless steel printing to our current lineup of 3D thermoplastic printers not only bridges the gap for fixtures and tooling but also speeds up the prototyping process, enabling us to meet our customers’ most complex device development needs and in rapid fashion.”

“Actco has nearly six decades in close tolerance tool and die work, and we’re actively looking to the future by adding more close tolerance equipment to our toolbox,” notes Dana Gruber, president of Actco. “The Xact Metal XM200G fits that bill. The 20-micron build layer and compact machine design allows us to meet our customer’s needs.”

Xact Metal has recently collaborated with Uddeholm, Oqton and Dlyte Polishing Solutions. Its strategic partnership with Uddeholm enables the company to offer Corrax tool steel powder for its printers (read more “Xact Metal, Uddeholm Partner to Offer Corrax Tool Steel Powder”). With Oqton, Xact now offers advanced software solutions, including conformal cooling channel automation, enabling seamless integration of AM into the tooling and molding workflow. And with Dlyte from Gpainnova, Xact can now offer a comprehensive solution for achieving optimal tooling surface finish with AM.

“Our mission is to make AM more accessible and affordable for all,” concludes Juan Mario Gomez. “With our focus on cost-effective design and high-performing components, Xact Metal 3D printers offer a compelling solution for businesses looking to enhance their tooling and molding capabilities.”

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