Thermal Stability

Formlabs is pleased to announce the latest formulation of High Temp Resin, part of their library of Engineering Resins for the Form 2 desktop stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer. High Temp Resin offers the highest heat deflection temperature (HDT) among Formlabs resins and is suitable for printing detailed, precise parts with high thermal stability. The new formulation, shipping now, has an HDT of 238 °C @ 0.45 MPa and improved elongation to decrease brittleness.

Over the course of the last year since Formlabs first released this material, they talked with a variety of engineers and product designers using it to better understand its applications, strengths, and opportunities to improve. They have determined that this is a very capable resin in the field, and the latest formulation is a direct result of customer feedback to make it even better.

High Temp Resin in Action

Professionals across industries are using High Temp Resin in a variety of exciting and inventive workflows, and in some cases, people buy their first Form 2 specifically to access this resin and its unique properties.

Thermal Stability

Product Development: Hot Air, Gas, and Fluid Flow

Functional testing of prototype parts that come into contact with high heat can prove challenging, as many prototyping materials deform at higher temperatures. Reduce costs and iterate faster during every stage of product testing by 3D printing fully dense, watertight parts with low absorption that can withstand direct contact with hot liquid or steam.

Use High Temp Resin to prototype:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Encapsulation of cosmetics
  • Millifluidic devices

Testing and Validation: Mounts, Housings, and Fixtures

Heat is the enemy of electronics and sensitive equipment. Testing and validation in industries like automotive and aerospace require control and monitoring of many subsystems operating simultaneously.

There’s still no substitute for physical environmental testing, even alongside advanced simulation, and many design engineers choose High Temp Resin to speed up the design-test-iterate cycle, quickly uncover the root cause of performance issues and ultimately build more useful reliable products.

Use High Temp Resin in testing to:

  • Prototype under-the-hood components
  • Mount cameras inside industrial equipment
  • Mount sensors for wind tunnel testing

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