Desktop Metal Shop System

Anyone can start metal 3D printing with The Shop System™

The Desktop Metal Shop System™ requires minimal training, making it easy for almost anyone to quickly produce high-quality metal parts. Typical installation of the complete system can be completed in 5 days or less.

An easy-to-use, turnkey solution, the Shop System can produce tens to hundreds of parts per day, reducing the need for more highly-skilled machinists, and freeing up your existing machining capacity to take on other jobs.

With fewer people entering the industry, machinist jobs are fast becoming among the hardest to fill. The Shop System offers younger workers the chance to work hands-on with cutting-edge technology that is transforming the world of manufacturing.

Machine shops around the world have already discovered how the Shop System helps offset their labor costs – what can it do for you?
Machine Shops around the globe have already discovered the benefits of the Shop System – See what it can do for you.

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