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Metal 3D Printer

The additive manufacturing industry recently descended upon Frankfurt, Germany for Formnext 2019, to witness the disruptive technology debuting at one of the leading additive manufacturing conferences in the world.

Among those making waves is Desktop Metal, which debuted a metal 3d printer binder jetting system designed for machine shops and metal job shops. According to the company, it is the first of its kind.

They call it the “Shop System,” and it allows for batch production of high-quality metal parts on the shop floor.

What was perhaps most impressive was the Shop System’s ability to produce various parts with different geometries simultaneously, with no need for multiple setups. According to the company, it can also produce low volume batches of complex parts at a lower price point by eliminating tooling.

Metal 3D Printer

Desktop Metal says that the Shop System is designed to scale based on the machine shop’s size, including the ability to produce hundreds of near-net-shape parts every day. It can print a batch every six to 12 hours. Depending on the model, it moves a little more than 150 pounds of steel per day.

The system prints the parts with hand-removable sintering setters, which cut hours of machining off support structures.

The company is hopeful that high-quality binder jetting can get a foothold in the machine shop and metal fabrication markets — most likely because it is a nearly $180 billion global industry.

Metal 3D Printer

The system includes a printer, powder station, and furnace that can integrate into existing operations as an end-to-end solution.

With headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, Desktop Metal plans to start shipping the Shop System in Fall 2020, starting at $150,000.

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