Desktop Metal Expands Lineup for World’s Best-Selling Metal Binder Jet System with Shop System+ and Shop System Pro

Desktop Metal Shop System+ and Shop System Pro

Desktop Metal today announced two upgrade packages on its Shop System™, offering new flexibility, functionality, and value for the world’s best-selling metal binder jet system. The Shop System+ and Shop System Pro offer power users new options for materials and controls. (Photo: Business Wire)

Desktop Metal recently announced two upgrade packages on the Shop System, offering new flexibility, functionality, and value for the world’s best-selling metal binder jet system.

First unveiled in November 2019, the Shop System was designed to bring metal additive manufacturing to machine and job shops with an affordable, turnkey solution that achieves exceptional surface finish parts with rich feature detail at speeds up to 10 times those of legacy powder bed fusion additive technologies.

To date, Shop System users worldwide have logged more than 20,000 print hours. Now, Desktop Metal is expanding the lineup of this successful platform with the Shop System+ and the Shop System Pro, giving power users more flexibility and control over operating costs and machine parameters. The Shop System+ package enables high-production users to access Desktop Metal-engineered powders and binders at a discount, reducing the running costs of operations and improving part costs to drive a faster return on investment. The Shop System Pro package is ideal for high-production users with powder metallurgy expertise who seek not only to optimize running costs but also enable specific applications or cost structures by leveraging proprietary or third-party powders with additional process flexibility through custom printing and spreading parameters and bi-directional printing, as well as custom sintering profiles for the Desktop Metal Furnace.

“Customers love the affordability, quality, and reliability of the Shop System, and the Desktop Metal team is excited to expand on this successful platform,” said Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. “The Shop System has become a global success, and we’ve really taken a sinter-based production process that used to require specialized knowledge and made it accessible on many levels. In addition to being affordable, our software and controlled powder and binder supply chain have made 3D printing metal parts easy and reliable.”

Shop System Details

Featuring the highest resolution and most advanced single pass print engine in the binder jetting market, the Shop System is a complete end-to-end solution for producing complex, end-use metal parts that includes:

  • a binder jetting printer with 1600 native dpi resolution and 5x nozzle redundancy,
  • a drying oven for hardening green parts prior to depowdering,
  • a powder station for depowdering parts with built-in powder recycling,
  • a furnace designed for accessible, industrial-strength sintering,
  • integrated powder handling accessories and workflow,
  • Desktop Metal-engineered binders and powders, and
  • Desktop Metal software for build preparation and sintering simulation.

This turnkey solution, designed with the modern machine shop in mind, seamlessly integrates with existing shop operations and makes it easy for businesses to get up and running with binder jetting in days instead of weeks or months.