FormNext 2022This week, in Frankfurt, Germany, FormNext 2022 is underway until November 18th. This event is the meeting point for the next generation of Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D Printing! With about 800 exhibitors, we are proud to announce that Cimquest will have many partners attending!

Our partners range from entry-level 3D Printers to industrial systems, and depending upon your needs, one or multiple may be right for you. We also realize there isn’t an “all-in-one” additive manufacturing system that can accomplish everything, so our line of 3D Printers includes systems for plastic and metal. If you’d like more information about one of our specific partners or would like to contact us, you can do so here.

You can also stop by our partners’ booths right at FormNext to take a deep dive into the varying technologies and applications.

  • Formlabs is great if you’re looking for prints with fine feature details, injection-mold-quality surface finishes, or industrial capabilities at a desktop price. They can be found in Hall 11.1 at Booth #E11.
  • HP provides a total end-to-end solution for prototyping and mid-run production. They also can produce isotropic end-use parts. They can be found in Hall 12.1 at Booth #D59.
  • If you are interested in metal and carbon fiber 3D Printing accessible to all engineers, designers, and manufacturers, be sure to visit Desktop Metal in Hall 12.0 at Booth # D101.
  • With an open material platform, Selective Laser Sintering at a low cost of ownership, and accurate parts with tough, durable mechanical properties, XYZ can transform your workflows in design, engineering, and manufacturing. Check them out in Hall 11.1 at Booth #C11.
  • If you are seeking a low cost of entry without the need to sacrifice high-quality results, high-density, weldable, and complex parts on demand, a small footprint, short adoption time, and easy installation, Xact Metal has the solution you are looking for. They’ll be in Hall 12.0 at Booth #D98.
  • 3DGence allows you to “Print Your World” by offering FFF machines that have the industry’s first soluble support option for PEEK. They also offer materials with expectational mechanical and thermal properties. Come learn more at Hall 12.1 Booth #E101.

As always we’re here to support you and your needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Call (866) 277-8778 or email by clicking below.