Formlabs recently announced the new Form 4, their next-generation resin 3D printer that redefines the industry standard for speed, accuracy, reliability, and material versatility.

Form 4 and its biocompatible version, Form 4B, represents the next evolution in stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology, built upon years of groundbreaking hardware, software, and materials science innovations. With unprecedented speed, Form 4/B delivers the majority of parts in under two hours, in all materials, without ever compromising on dimensional accuracy or surface finish.

Form 4 combines a new print engine with updates to the Formlabs materials library — 23 unique resins on Form 4 and 37 on Form 4B available at launch — as well as new accessories and post-processing solutions, and an improved user experience. These updates reaffirm that Formlabs’ resin 3D printing ecosystem is the most powerful tool available for any professional to turn their ideas into reality.

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