C500 3D Scanner from Solutionix

The Solutionix C500 structured light 3D scanner sets the standard for excellence and ease of use. The novice user can be up and running in minutes with single-click calibration and intuitive software deploying an extremely simple scanning process, from loading of parts to scan processing and scan exporting for downstream applications. C500 3D Scanner from Solutionix

Starting at just $40,000 for a single lens set or $52,000 for all four lens sets, the C500 covers a wide range of part size, accuracy, and resolution requirements making it a perfect choice for either a service bureau or a company with a wide range of part size scanning requirements.

C500 3D Scanner from SolutionixUtilizing an integrated and fully automated 3-axis rotary, tilt and swivel turntable, capturing all exposed surfaces for the scanner is a simple task. Typical scan processing algorithms including automatic scan alignment, global alignment, merging, and saving off the results in an automated fashion make the C500 perfect to use for batch processing of scans for an automated inspection operation.

Whether scanning for reverse engineering, metrology, 3D Printing, or other applications, the C500 sets the standard for quality and ease-of-use and with all four lens sets, supports from very small to fairly large part sizes.

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