A featured exhibitor at this year’s Advanced Manufacturing Expo, ProShop is a leader in Manufacturing ERP and shop management software. ProShop, a modern web based ERP that can manage every aspect of your front office and shop floor. Known for its interface and web-based navigation, ProShop links all corners of a company together to allow seamless management and decision making. It includes a collection of features for ERP, MES, and QMS modules is the only 3rd Party Solution Provider for Mastercam in the Shop Management Software and integrates cutting tool management with Mastercam.

The founders are manufacturers at heart and they originally created ProShop to help manage their own CNC shop. At first, they only had the intention to use it privately for their own business. However, over the years they continued to develop and refine the software. It received favorable praise from customers and peers, who eventually urged them to release ProShop to the public market. It has grown today to be a trusted and highly efficient solution for machine shops, fabricators, job shops, contract manufacturers and others in highly regulated industries.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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Register for the Cimquest Advanced Manufacturing Expo in Branchburg, NJ to learn more about ProShop and other exciting technologies for today’s manufacturing industry.