AMUG Awards the Guy E Bourdeau Scholarship to Akila Udage

AMUG Scholarship winner

Rob Hassold, Cimquest Founder is pictured above with scholarship recipient Akila.

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has announced the recipient of its Randy Stevens Scholarship for educators in Additive Manufacturing and its Guy E Bourdeau Scholarship for students in Additive Manufacturing. The Guy E Bourdeau Scholarship is sponsored by Cimquest and recognizes students who demonstrate passion and vision for Additive Manufacturing. This year’s winner was Akila Udage.

Akila Udage was exposed to Additive Manufacturing while pursuing his master’s degree at the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at RPI. As a graduate research assistant, Udage’s work focused on integrating Additive Manufacturing into LED lighting systems. As part of his research, Udage has been analyzing the advantages and challenges of developing structural, thermal, electrical, and optical components for LED systems using Additive Manufacturing.

Udage’s efforts on additively manufactured optics focus on the building of novel lenses for illumination applications, and he has been involved in the characterization of additively manufactured reflective and transmissive optical components. He has also been developing additively manufactured antennas and evaluating the effect of Additive Manufacturing properties on electrical traces. Udage has also been studying the thermal properties of additively manufactured components used as heat sinks for LED applications. He has recently been involved in projects to build custom architectural lighting through Additive Manufacturing to take lighting to a more creative level.

Congratulations to Udage. We wish him a very bright and successful future.