30 11, 2018

RIZE’s Hybrid AM Helps Solve Complex Warfighter Problems

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SI2 Technologies, Inc. produces functional parts for the Department of Defense with their RIZE ONE 3D printer up to 6X faster and at a cost savings of $2K per part. They wanted one machine that could combine 3D printing and inkjet printing capabilities. SI2’s core mission is to ‘make things smart’ by pushing the boundaries of where antennas can be placed and how they can be made. SI2’s mission requires the latest technology and innovation in the additive manufacturing field to deliver an advantage to the warfighter. Much of the development work that SI2 does happens in their state-of-the-art facility. Among their collection of modern equipment, SI2 has 3D printers ranging from entry-level consumer 3D printers to much more expensive and complex wide-format inkjet equipment. Although SI2 had a range of 3D printers and wide format inkjet printers, they didn’t have a single machine that could combine these two capabilities. RIZE’s patented hybrid Augmented Deposition process solved this problem, simultaneously extruding engineering-grade thermoplastic and jetting functional inks precisely where they are needed in the part. Airflow Chamber Apparatus One recent application where SI2 used their RIZE ONE 3D printer was to produce an end-use airflow controller for an airflow chamber [...]

19 11, 2018

RIZE Announces New 3D Printing Materials

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RIZE has enhanced the value of their RIZE ONE 3D printer by providing a compelling range of new materials, including carbon composite, to enable a new set of industrial applications. The current materials, RIZIUM™ ONE White and Black are already demonstrating their value in delivering strong and safe parts for functional prototyping, jigs, tools and fixturing and end-use service parts. RIZE recently added RIZIUM™ CARBON and will release an additional material called RIZIUM™ ENDURA in 2019. RIZIUM™ CARBON is based on an engineering-grade thermoplastic, reinforced with carbon fiber for a higher modulus and incredible visual finish. RIZIUM CARBON is ideal for applications such as functional prototyping for manufacturing. RIZIUM ENDURA, for its part, is a fiber-reinforced filament that offers high accuracy printing and high impact strength. RIZE says the new material is well suited for producing large functional parts. Notably, RIZIUM ENDURA is compatible with the XRIZE’s full-color inks. For more information about the RIZE products, their current promotion and more details on the new materials, please click the button below. More info

16 11, 2018

XRIZE 3D Printer Special Promotion

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Rize just announced their newest product, the XRIZE. The new XRIZE™ 3D printer will enable users to manufacture functional polymer and composite parts in full color. Like RIZE's first product, RIZE™ ONE, the experience of using the XRIZE 3D printer is as easy and safe as an office 2D printer. XRIZE will enable full-color prototypes for FEA and stress analysis, tooling with safety instructions, consumer products, package design, GIS mapping, anatomical parts for patient/clinician communication, pre-surgical planning and parts for marketing and the entertainment industry. XRIZE will be available for shipping in H1 2019 and will be priced at USD $55,000. And the best news . . . For a limited time, until December 27, 2018, if you pre-order XRIZE, you will receive a RIZE ONE included in the price. That's 2 printers for the price of 1. Please click the button below for more details. More Details

14 11, 2018

Introducing XRIZE 3D Printer

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XRIZE is the world's first desktop Industrial Additive Manufacturing solution for creating vibrant, full-color functional parts with minimal post-processing. Until now, users had to produce non-functional color parts or implement very expensive solutions, making tradeoffs between color, strength, and price. These tradeoffs have limited the expansion of additive manufacturing to users across the enterprise and inhibited true innovation. Moreover, companies had to purchase separate 3D printers to achieve varying capabilities, including office use, full color, end-use, and production parts and the ability to use carbon fiber and other materials. For the first time in the industry, XRIZE enables users to manufacture functional polymer and composite parts in full color. And since RIZE’s intelligent and innovative solutions focus on the user as much as the machine, XRIZE is easy to use, safe and enables markup to provide much-desired IP security, traceability, and branding. Like RIZE’s first product, RIZE™ ONE, the experience of using the XRIZE 3D printer is as easy and safe as an office 2D printer. Providing a safe, clean process, minimal pre- and post-processing and minimal material management, users throughout the enterprise, from engineering to marketing to the manufacturing floor, can use XRIZE to easily manufacture full-color prototypes for FEA and stress [...]

23 10, 2018

Trends In 3D Printing For Production Webinar

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Addressing Challenges With Rize Join us for a live 40-Minute webinar featuring Sarah Goehrke, Managing Editor, Fabbaloo where we will be addressing the challenges of 3D Printing with Rize. According to the 2018 Wohlers Report, the number of companies that manufacture and sell industrial 3D printers grew 39% from 2016 to 2017. Despite this growth, relatively few manufacturers incorporate additive manufacturing on their production floors. Please join us on Thursday to learn: Market growth of the AM market Benefits of AM in Production applications Inhibitors to the proliferation of AM RIZE's approach to scale AM to every production floor EVENT DETAILS Thursday, October 25th 2:00 pm ET Please click the button below to register. Register Here

28 09, 2018

Rize Receives Two Prestigious Technology Awards

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RIZE, the makers of the Rize One 3D printer, has received two prestigious technology awards from industry analysts. RIZE was selected a 2018 IDC Innovator for 3D Printing and they also received The Frost & Sullivan 2018 Award for Best Practices in Technology Innovation – Zero-Emission Polymer Material Additive Manufacturing. Their receipt of these two distinctions results from the dedication of many individuals, including their technical team, their customers, and their partners. We are proud to represent them and enthusiastically acknowledge and celebrate their achievements. For more information on the Rize One 3D printer, please click the button below. More info

5 09, 2018

New Hudson Facades Saves $50K per Quarter with Rize One 3D Printer

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Architectural glass specialist New Hudson Facades (NHF) is reportedly saving up to $50 thousand per quarter with a new, round-the-clock 3D printing facility. The company has installed a Rize One 3D printer at its office in Pennsylvania to produce custom tooling and fixtures for its large-scale projects. According to Andrew Black, Engineering Manager at NHF, “I put Rize One right next to my desk, so I can use it all the time. It’s so easy, anyone can use it.” Miscellaneous Rize 3D printed project tooling at NHF. Photos via Rize Sky’s the limit Founded in 2014, NHF undertakes the installation of custom aluminum and glass façades for skyscrapers. Its most recent projects include the front of three towers in Hudson Yards, New York, including the striking 35 Hudson Yards with a concave feature wall. Facade of 35 Hudson Yards, a project by NHF. Photo via New Hudson Façades On average, each project at NHF relies on the production of between one hundred and two hundred unique fixtures used to help hold aluminum profiles in place, and ensure the perfect fit of the windows. Typically, this tooling would be made using the site’s CNC machines, costing around [...]

24 08, 2018

RIZE 3D Printer Peel-Away Support

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It is very fast and easy to remove supports with Rize 3D printing. This gets you to a functional part two times faster and for a fraction of the cost of other technologies. Watch the video below to see for yourself just how easy industrial 3D printing can be using Rize. For more information on Rize 3D printers, please click the button below. More Info

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