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Duration: 3 Days

Prerequisite: Mastercam Mill Essentials

Description: Our instructors will mentor students to create 3D toolpaths.  Students will learn from instructor lead exercises then work through over 60 student exercises to create and edit complex surfaces and curves, then program them using a variety of efficient 3D toolpaths with a focus on High Speed and Legacy toolpaths. In addition, students will learn to use stock models and apply different workholding applications,  gap settings, tool boundaries, and gouge checking.


Mill 3D covers the following topics:

  • Creating/Modifying surfaces
  • Creating 3D curves
  • Surface Utilities
  • Stock Model applications
  • Workholding applications
  • 3D wireframe contouring machining
  • Legacy 3D surface machining
  • 3D High Speed surface machining
  • Toolpath filtering and tolerance settings
  • Gouge checking
  • Tool boundaries
  • Cut depths

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