Cimquest Remote Training

Years before the virus situation changed our world we were doing remote virtual online training for customers. This remote option saved time driving and money on travel costs. Our training program began in 1990 and we added the remote training option in 2014. We invested in new technology and instructors to ensure a learning experience as if the instructor were there looking over your shoulder guiding you.

Remote training is carried out in much the same way as in-person training, but from the comfort of your home/office. Through an online portal, students are able to virtually sit in a classroom with one of our highly experienced instructors. Students have the same ability to see the instructor’s screen and ask any questions that may arise throughout the training as if they were there in-person. During these unprecedented times remote training has become a vital part of ensuring our customers’ safety and continued development.

After a simple equipment and connection qualification all of the materials that would normally be given in class will be shipped to the students. Students will then be sent a link at the beginning of class that will allow them to connect with the instructor. Once the course has been completed a certificate of completion is emailed to the student.

Classes and prerequisites: Review our class descriptions to see what is available remotely and what the  prerequisites are to attend.

Our max class is only 8 students to allow enough time for our instructors to verify and help students.

Technical Requirements

What you need for “remote” training:

  • Internet connection: 30mb/s download and 10mb/s upload speed
  • Headset with microphone. (Cell phone headsets work great)
  • Dual monitors (preferred) if possible; this will give you the best experience to run the software on one and view the instructor on the other.
  • Current version of the class software. Don’t own the software? We have options like trial versions and home learning editions. Contact us for more info.

Cimquest Instructors

  • All cimquest instructors go through an internal training on teaching adult learners using the simple and effective methodology of “show tell do check”.
  • Cimquest Mastercam Application Engineers/Instructors are either CNC machinists, Tool & Die Makers, or Mold Makers. Each of our highly-experienced instructors is ready to provide their expert knowledge of both the courseware and applications of what is being taught.
  • Cimquest 3D Scanning and Geomagic instructors are experienced application engineers who work daily providing 3D scanning and reverse engineering when they are not teaching.