Cimquest Custom Post Processors

Cimquest has an extensive library of post processors. We sell and support posts for Mastercam customers worldwide. If you would like a custom post or a modification to an existing post, please complete the Request a Post Processor Quote form and a member of the Cimquest Post Processor Team will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements. Along with the make and model of your machine and controller, we will more than likely need most, if not all of the information listed below prior to your project being quoted and completed.

New post requests:

  • Machine name
  • Machine Model
  • Machine type (mill, lathe, wire, router, etc.)
  • Controller name
  • Controller Model
  • Working sample programs of all the desired operations and cycles
  • Corresponding geometry to match sample programs (electronic or paper)
  • Diagram of machine with direction of axes
  • Any programming manuals if necessary

Please download and complete the appropriate form to provide machine details for your custom post processor. Completed forms can be emailed to

Modifications to an existing post:
(or subsequent revisions of a new post)

  • Sample Mastercam file with toolpaths
  • Marked up/corrected NC code
  • Current post files (xxxx.pst, xxxx.psb (optional))
  • Machine definition (x.mmd or x.lmd etc)
  • Control definition (xx.control)
  • Working sample programs of all the desired operations and cycles
  • Corrected G-code (electronic or paper)
  • Any programming manuals if necessary
Mastercam post processors

Important NoticePlease read this statement before using your post processor:
Post Processor development is an iterative process by both you (the user) and Cimquest, Inc. Any programs written by a new post should be both visually tested (edited and inspected) and test run on the machine tool before being put into production.