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Duration: 4 Days

Prerequisite: Basic PC skills and general CNC mill setup and operation knowledge

Pre-class Prep Download:

Our Instructor will mentor you in the basics of Mastercam to create 2.5D toolpaths. Students will learn from instructor lead exercises then perform student exercises covering icon functions, geometry and toolpath creation that will lead you to programming many different parts from start to finish. Students will build upon the foundational principles by working on over 40 different real world part files to develop their skills. Students will be able to create and work with wireframe geometry and import Solid models for tool path creation in drilling, advanced pocketing, helical entry and the basics of dynamic milling. Last you will be able to program rotary axis substitution parts and index units.


Mill Essentials covers the following topics

  • Mastercam Interface and layout
  • Creating/Modifying 2D wireframe geometry
  • 2D drafting (notes, dimensions, etc.)
  • Transforming geometry (rotate, scale, etc.)
  • Levels control
  • Preparing to Machine – machine definition and properties
  • Machine Group Setup – stock setup, workholding tools
  • Tool Path Utilities – toolpath manager, verify, back plot and posting
  • 2D contouring, pocketing, and drilling
  • Chaining basics
  • Tool control (ramping, lead in/out)
  • Helical entry
  • Dynamic Milling – advanced contouring and pocketing
  • Advanced drilling
  • Work offsets
  • Rotary axis substitution
  • Indexing

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