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Cimquest has a dedicated Post Processor team for all custom posts that require actual “code” changes. Learning post-processor code is learning another language and is best for those who speak the language regularly to write your Post.

Our Post class will teach you how to make very minor edits to common output of the code. Any changes to motion and other extensive modifications need to be done by our Post Team. This class is only offered several times a year and is in-person class only. No remote training available.

There are some common changes that previously were done in the post and can be done through the software settings. Check out our 2 Minute Tuesday videos to learn how to make these changes:


Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisite: Familiarity with Mastercam and an understanding of basic G-Codes.

Learn how to create and edit post processors in order to customize G-code output for your specific machines.

Posts covers the following topics:

  • Machine and control definitions
  • Post structure
  • Hard coding and string usage
  • Basic variable manipulation
  • Format statements and value manipulation
  • Formulas
  • Post questions
  • Lookup tables

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