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Join us for an exclusive webinar series where four industry giants, Formlabs, UltiMaker, Nexa3D and 3DGence, come together to explore the world of carbon fiber 3D printing with their respective technologies. This webinar series is your gateway to understanding the immense potential and possibilities of carbon-fiber-infused materials with different machines and applications.

First, delve into Formlabs’ carbon-fiber-compatible 3D printing system, The Fuse 1+. Then, discover how UltiMaker is making carbon fiber 3D printing accessible to all. Finally, explore the high-performance capabilities of 3DGence’s and Nexa3D’s industrial-grade printers.

Agenda for each webinar in the series:
• Welcome by and overview of Cimquest
• Overview by Cimquest of the carbon fiber materials and value proposition
• Formlabs parts and case studies
• Q&A

Who Should Attend:
• Professionals in the 3D printing industry
• Engineers and designers interested in carbon fiber applications
• Anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of advanced 3D printing materials.

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