3D IRIS Scanning Technology

IRIS - Internal Rapid Inspection Scanner from Cimquest

First Article Inspection from your physical part within 48 hours

The simple solution to your complex measurement needs. With our IRIS 3D Scanning Services Technology you can accurately measure the external and internal features of small, complex, injection molded plastic parts, facilitate problem solving and reduce failures.

THE RESULT: A dramatic reduction in time to market.

Cimquest’s proprietary IRIS 3D Scanning Technology scans the entire part allowing first article reports in as little as 48-hours. Customers will receive a cost effective, detailed and accurate report for part quality when qualifying an injection mold, faster then standard inspection techniques (this process can take weeks out of a tooling qualification program.

Rapid Inspection LLC, a subsidiary of Cimquest Inc, uses cross sectional scanning to offer 3D Inspection for injection molded parts. What typically takes weeks can be accomplished in hours. Customers supply the Injected molded part and solid model and receive the scanned 3d point cloud, a 3D color map comparison of the scan vs the solid model, a ballooned 2D Drawing, an AS9102 certified inspection report and a highlighted deviation report for easy analysis.

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3 Steps to your 1st Article Inspection Report

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A look inside the IRIS process – How we’re different
The IRIS unique 3D Cross-Sectional Scanning process produces a highly accurate three-dimensional point cloud which is ready for analysis, thus capturing both internal and external features of your complex injection molded part. Reverse Rapid Prototyping scans your part one ultra-thin layer at a time, generating millions of data points while accurately reproducing the internal and external surfaces of your part.

How this helps you:

  • Accurate, complete 3D data; inside and out.
  • A permanent record of your entire part, as molded.
  • Compatible with Spec.Check™ dimensional analysis software.
  • The ability to scan multiple parts in a single process.
  • Complete your part analysis in days instead of weeks.
  • Interrogate any feature at any time (when combined with Spec.Check™ software).
  • Generate ASCII point clouds that are compatible with 3D color mapping software.
  • Dramatic reduction in time to market.

The process is simple:

  • Prepared parts are potted in an IRIS shell which is then filled with Encase-It.
  • After the Encase-It cures, the block containing the part is removed from the shell and placed in the scanner.
  • Material is removed from the cured block one ultrathin layer at a time.
  • With every pass data is captured, generating a 3D point cloud.

3D IRIS Pearl Scanner: Features & Specifications

The Pearl cross-sectional 3D scanner provides very complete, highly accurate and cost-effective data. The result is a dramatic reduction in time to market. Major benefits include:

The Pearl 3D Scanner Cross Sectional 3D Scanner
  • The Pearl is a complete desktop 3D scanning system that generates millions of internal and external points permanently recording your entire part as molded.
  • This 3D Cross-Sectional Scanner is fully automated, reducing operator costs.
  • The process saves time and money, in many cases getting product to market days, weeks or months sooner.
  • Statistically significant amounts of data provide precise, accurate measurements resulting in superior part performance.

Other features and benefits of the Pearl 3D Scanner include:

  • Automatic inspection of each part from a multi-cavity tool.
  • Multiple parts can be processed in a single operation.
  • The ability to handle a wide range of injection molded plastic materials.

Also… The Pearl 3D Scanner excels at:

  • Accurate comparisons to 3D CAD models.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Complete internal and external data capture.
  • Reverse engineering of your legacy parts.
  • Tooling qualification.
  • First article inspection.

The Pearl is an innovative 3D scanning technology representing a dramatic improvement over standard measurement methods and speed to market…The IRIS Pearl 3D Scanner is the simple solution to your complex measurement needs.

3D Scanner Products

Model Scan Envelope
Pearl 900
3.5″ x 2.7″ x 6.1″
Pearl 700 2.5″ x 1.75″ x 3.1″

Spec.Check™ Software

Spec.Check™ software solution converts raw scan data into meaningful information. Spec.Check™ imports clean, accurate point cloud data from the IRIS unique 3D Cross Sectional Scanning process thereby giving the user full control of their scanned part, allowing all areas to be precisely inspected and measured.

Allows for interrogation of any feature at any time
Spec.Check™ is easy to learn, easy to use and lightning fast! Ultra-dense point clouds appear in seconds with automatic registration to a virtual XYZ fixture. Using the IRIS Spec.Check™ template function, subsequent cavities are measured in seconds and a complete analysis report is generated within minutes, exportable to PDF and Excel formats.

An extensive set of measurement tools generate pass/fail reports

  • Create unlimited 2D cross sections anywhere in the point cloud of your part.
  • Probe multiple distances, lengths, radii, diameters and angles.
  • Find centerlines, intersections and corners.
  • Report with visual pass/fail mark-ups.
  • Inspection data can easily be exported into PDF and Excel formats.
  • Spec.Check™ template functionality eliminates operator variance.

Spec.Check™ is the one tool for complete part analysis, mold qualification, process control, and failure analysis.