Forward AM provides superior materials and solutions with the goal of leading innovation in Additive Manufacturing.
With their direct access to the full spectrum of BASF’s materials know-how and their extensive end-to-end services portfolio, they meet their customers’ highest requirements.

BASF / Forward AM

Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH

Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH, also referred to as Type 630, is a chromium-copper martensitic precipitation hardened stainless steel.

It is both magnetic and fully heat treatable to high levels of strength and hardness. Maintaining its mechanical and corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 315°C (600°F), 17-4 PH parts are ideal for the Petrochemical, Aerospace, Automotive, and
Medical industries

Ultrafuse® 316L

Ultrafuse® 316L is 90% stainless steel and has a 10% polymer content which allows for easy printing on many open FFF desktop printers.

It combines greater freedom of design with a low total cost of ownership. 3D-printed parts acquire their final properties, for example in terms of hardness and strength, through a debinding and sintering process developed by BASF, which has emerged as the industry standard.

BASF / Forward AM
BASF / Forward AM

Ultrafuse® PET CF15

Ultrafuse® PET CF15 is a polyethylene terephthalate reinforced with 15 % Carbon Fiber. This engineering filament is easier to process than other carbon fiber reinforced filaments.

With its superior heat resistance(108 °C), high strength and rigidity, this is a filament for a wide range of demanding industrial applications.

Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15

Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15 is a High Temperature Nylon with 15 % Carbon Fiber

It combines high temperature resistance (145 °C) and chemical resistance with outstanding mechanical resilience.

BASF / Forward AM
BASF / Forward AM

Ultrafuse® PP GF30

Ultrafuse® PP GF30 is polypropylene reinforced with 30% glass fiber content..

In combination with its high level of glass fiber reinforcement, Ultrafuse® PP GF30 is a preferred filament for exceptional working environments. Thanks to its UV resistance it is more suitable than any other PP-based filament for applications directly exposed to sunlight.

Ultrafuse® TPU 85A

Ultrafuse® TPU 85A was specially developed for FFF printing and is an advanced filament based on BASF´s Elastollan® materials.

It stands for maximum reliability, consistent product quality, and cost efficiency.
Ultrafuse® TPU 85A offers a broad range of degrees of hardness with different designs, making this filament an ideal material in applications where specific degrees of flexibility are critical.

BASF / Forward AM
BASF / Forward AM

Ultrafuse® PA

Ultrafuse® PA is the translation of BASF´s Ultramid® to the 3D printing space. It is based on a copolyamide 6/66 grade
of intermediate viscosity.

Suitable for a wide range of different components and machine elements, such as
high-grade electrical insulation material

Ultrafuse® PLA

Ultrafuse® PLA (Poly-Lactic-Acid) a biodegradable polymer with a low melting point.

It is an easy material to print with and with low warping of the print makes it one of the most popular filaments for fit and form prototyping.

BASF / Forward AM
BASF / Forward AM

Ultrafuse® ABS

Ultrafuse® ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is the second most used 3D printing material on the market.

It is strong, flexible with high-temperature resistance. It is a preferred plastic for functional prototypes and manufacturing tools.

Ultrafuse® PET

Ultrafuse® PET is made from a premium, food approved PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

PET is widely used to produce food and beverage containers and bottles. It is an ideal material for application that requires more strength than PLA and chemical resistance.

BASF / Forward AM
BASF / Forward AM

Ultrafuse® rPET

Ultrafuse® rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) is made from recycled PET.

The recycled material is a food-approved grade and has a natural transparent blueish look.

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