Mastercam X9 includes many new features and enhancements to the Design side of the software. Here are just a few of them:

Dynamic Xform
The Dynamic Xform function allows users to switch between gnomon manipulation and geometry manipulation mode at any time without having to reselect geometry. Simply click the button that appears in the lower left of the gnomon to change modes. This will greatly enhance the usefulness and workflow of this important function.



Solid Disassemble
Solid Disassemble is a new Model Prep function that takes an assembly and lays each body out on a single plane. It works on models with and without history, imported from other systems, or created from within Mastercam.

Design2 Design3


You can use the Bounding Box function to define stock and planes for each piece to be machined.


Solid Position
Solid Position lets you pick a face of a solid body and mate it to a face of another solid body. The function allows you to redefine the base position of the body being moved, then also redefine the final position on the body it is moved to. Holding down the

[Ctrl] key when selecting the mating solid makes a copy of the source solid. The example below displays the positioning of clamps around a part through the use of Solid Position.

Design5 Design6

Model Prep Toolpath Associativity
With X9, the associativity between solids and toolpaths has been greatly improved. Now when bodies are edited, only the toolpaths directly affected by the change in the solid body are marked dirty.

Xform Offset and Offset Contour Options
Both of these functions now have a Join and a Slot option. The Join option creates a square off the ends of the selected entity(s), while the Slot option rounds off the ends of the selected entity(s). Now all you need to produce a slot is a wireframe center line.


Selection From Back
Being able to select solids from the back side has been around since the introduction of Solids. It has been active in some cases, but not accessible. In X9, the From Back switch is accessible any time the General Selection bar is active.

Bounding Box
The Bounding Box function has undergone significant change for X9.

  • You are now prompted to select entities to include in the bounding box, rather than automatically including all entities.
  • Push-Pull technology that was introduced for X8 Model Prep is now available in the Bounding Box function. Individual faces can be manipulated as needed.
  • The Apply and OK/New buttons allow you to complete one bounding box and start another without having to restart the function.
  • The bounding box’s dimensions are available for editing. Enter a value or use the spin controls to change the size for X, Y, and Z.
  • Stock volume measurements are now a display property on the Advanced tab.
  • Use the Advanced tab to create planes as needed, based on the newly created bounding box.