Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

Did you know that with the release of Mastercam X9 customers who purchase or update to Mastercam Mill X9 or Mastercam Lathe X9 will also be able to use the corresponding version of Mastercam® for SOLIDWORKS®? This really does give you the “Best of Both Worlds.”

Many of part files you receive with Mastercam are generated with SOLIDWORKS so for those of you who also use SOLIDWORKS this gives you the opportunity to use whichever product best fits your individual situation.

MCfSW will be available at no additional charge to Mastercam X9 users of Mill, Mill 3D, and Lathe since these products have a MCfSW equivalent. Those customers with the Educational Suite will have access to MCfSW 3D and Lathe.

How This Benefits You

  • Seamless: Bring programmed MCfSW files into Mastercam when new design work comes in.
  • Comprehensive: Use each platform’s exclusive tools, functions, and Add-Ons.
  • Efficient: Design in SW and program in Mastercam concurrently.
  • Flexible: Let your engineers and machinists program in their most comfortable environment.

A few items to note:

  • As a Mastercam customer, you are not receiving an additional seat; just the choice of how you use Mastercam to create toolpaths.
  • There is no corresponding Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS version of Mastercam Router, Mastercam Wire, Mastercam Mill-Turn, or Mastercam Swiss.
  • To run MCfSW you must own a seat of SOLIDWORKS 2013 or newer (purchased separately).
  • From now until October 16th we are offering a 35% discount on the purchase of Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS® Lathe. Don’t miss it! For more details or to take advantage of the discounted price please contact us today.