In the Mastercam X9 release, there have been many System Enhancements that can be seen throughout the entire Mastercam Family of Products. This blog post will cover some of the big highlights, but you also visit for a list of everything in this new release.

The Plane Manager is now a modeless dialog box which means you can leave the
Plane Manager on the screen as you work in Mastercam’s primary interface. You can even move Plane Manager to another monitor in a multi-monitor system. In addition, the XYZ indicators have been restored to the dynamic gnomon.

Viewsheets are now enabled by default at startup and can be accessed from the View menu. Renaming now occurs on the tab rather than in a separate dialog box; creating a new viewsheet automatically enables the naming function. And lastly, you now have the ability to delete bookmarks from viewsheets through the right-click menu.

New Linked edges solid chaining mode allows for contiguous chaining of edges across multiple solid faces. The new End chain button allows for multiple chains to be created in a single session. Linked edges are then displayed as a group within the Chain Manager.

The new Analyze Toolpath function from the Analyze, Toolpath option allows for simple information to be displayed by hovering the mouse over any element of a toolpath.

Mastercam X9 System Enhancements

The new Purge selected empty levels function in the right-click menu of the Level Manager allows empty levels to be removed from a selected range. The Select All Entities and Unselect All Entities functions allow for easy selection and unselection of entities within the selected level(s).

With Mastercam Code Expert, you now have the ability to define lines to skip by specifying characters. This allows for start and end of file (%) and program number (O) lines to be skipped. Also added is the Default Text branch for Interface customization in Application Options. This allows for settings for tabs, fonts, and colors for plain text that are not already covered by the other available branches.