Mastercam Add ons


ProDrill PDF

Dramatically speed up the hole-making process for parts containing many holes and multidiameter holes. Mastercam ProDrill is a highly customizable, feature-based drilling Add-On for Mastercam. From automatic to fully-customizable drilling routines on surface or solid models from virtually any CAD source, you can adapt time-consuming, repetitive drilling tasks to your style of machining. ProDrill also allows your custom multidiameter step drill to be defined from the geometry used for machining.

  • Optimize tool plane rotation to minimize unnecessary movements.
  • Generate drilling toolpaths for all operations on your part, or on a selective basis.
  • Prevent costly machining errors that disrupt productivity.
  • Available for Mastercam Mill and Mill 3D and Mastercam Router and Router 3D.

With Mastercam ProDrill, you will manage your complex and high volume drilling routines with ease.


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