Reprinted from the Mastercam Blog
Job shops usually don’t go back and reprogram parts again. However, that is exactly what Alan Granatowski, co-owner of Absolute Machine (Bloomfield, CT) is doing for some repeat jobs. The goal is to reprogram older parts to obtain some of the tool wear and cycle time improvements since he started using Mastercam with Dynamic Motion technology last year. 

For example, he said, “There is a monthly project I receive from this one company and I know the times on it. I have been able to knock 15 to 20% off the machining time, increase the tool life by 30 to 40%. For a small shop, that is a huge savings.” Absolute-Machine

It used to take him two and a half days to fulfill this order for twenty each of eight part numbers. The customer was always in a hurry to get them and would sometimes call as Granatowski was finishing up to ask if it would be all right to send a driver over to pick them up. He reprogrammed six of the eight parts to incorporate Dynamic Motion technology when the next order arrived. This time the order only took a day and a half to complete.  Absolute-1

The improvement was not lost on his customer. That month he sent five more parts from the same family because he knew Granatowski could get them up on his equipment and manufactured quickly.