Last week we started to list out some paybacks to using Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology. Today we will continue with a few more reasons to explore these toolpaths . . .

Payback#3: Program Faster
Dynamic Motion technology users report that they are creating part programs for roughing faster. What used to take hours can frequently be accomplished in minutes.

Why is this? Dynamic Motion technology automatically makes many adjustments in tool movements that create ultra efficient, ultra smooth toolpaths that avoid burying the tools so that the cutting tool, part, and your machine are always in a safe cutting condition.

It is possible to write cutting programs like this manually, but it takes hours upon hours to do it right, and then single step through it at the machine to make sure every line of code is correct. Using Mastercam’s toolpaths with Dynamic Motion technology allows programmer/machinists to be much more productive.

They frequently work in cells with two or more machinists alternating between writing programs and loading and unloading machines. This technology can also be an excellent complement to high density machining strategies where many parts can be manufactured in a single setup. It also significantly improves the productivity of machinists who work in the one-off manufacturing world.



Payback #4: Make Accurate Cutting Tool Comparisons
Cutting tool manufacturers know they have a good thing going and they want to sell you their latest cutting tool design so you can be more productive while reducing your cutting tool overhead at the same time.

But which is the best new cutting tool for the types of work your CNC equipment does routinely? It’s hard to say, unless you make actual comparisons and this requires writing programs that fulfill the cutting tool manufacturers’ recommendations. This is not a problem for Mastercam users familiar with creating roughing programs incorporating Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology.

Payback #5: Reduce Carbide Tool Purchasing Costs
Some CNC users can’t get past the fact that advanced cutting tools can cost up to 50% more than the conventional tools they are using. However, when they last three to five times longer, the higher purchase price is negated quickly. This is simple arithmetic.

Payback #6: Use Smaller Cutting Tools
Because Dynamic Motion technology monitors and manages lateral forces on the cutting tools, there is no danger of deflecting or damaging them even when much smaller tools are employed. High material removal rates can still be obtained by running at higher spindle speeds. This has several advantages in terms of cutting tool cost reduction and reduction of finishing requirements.

Please stay tuned for more Dynamic Motion Paybacks in future blog postings. And if you can’t wait and want to find out more right away, please contact us today!