Mastercam 2D High Speed Toolpaths

Mastercam X9 includes many enhancements, bringing Mastercam Mill to the next level. It now supports generic Radial Chip Thinning in a number of applicable Mill and Mill 3D toolpaths, making it easier to program efficient feeds and speeds while maintaining targeted chip thickness. Mastercam X9 also builds on its already efficient and powerful Dynamic Motion engine. It introduces an optional Conventional cut feed rate for toolpaths powered by Dynamic Motion technology. When Dynamic Motion is set to output zigzag motion, the climb cuts will run at the cut feed rate and the convention cuts will run at a separate conventional feed rate, giving you better control of your machining dynamics.

In an effort to streamline and simplify workflow, Mastercam X9 supports Preview Toolpaths for select Mill toolpaths. You can use the new preview button to see your resulting toolpath before closing the toolpath parameters dialog. This new functionality allows you to make changes and see the resulting motion immediately, helping you to create the correct toolpath the first time.

2D High Speed Peel Mill makes a comeback in Mastercam X9 and now includes standard peel mill motion available in previous releases. Standard peel mill can work with closed chains, while Dynamic peel mill cannot. Please contact us today for more details about Mastercam X9 enhancements.