7 05, 2018

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS 2018 Enhancements

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Mastercam 2018 for SOLIDWORKS delivers many new features to keep your shop running at peak performance. All of the Mastercam Mill and Lathe toolpath improvements are also included in Mastercam 2018 for SOLIDWORKS, as well as the following enhancements. In Mastercam 2018 for SOLIDWORKS, Face center points were introduced and were tied to Center points. Now, Face center points and Center points are independent of each other. You can use the Make Center Point option to create a single point in the middle of the Bounding Box and/or use the Make face center points option to create points at the center of each face. New Router Support Mastercam 2018 for SOLIDWORKS introduces support for Router, including Saw toolpaths, Block Drill toolpaths, and more. All specialized Router toolpaths are available through the menus once you activate a Router machine. Automatic Toolpathing (ATP) automates the process of assigning toolpaths to geometry for recurrent parts using a machining strategy. A machining strategy contains one or more level names that are associated or mapped to Mastercam operations. Create your operations library, read your part files, create your strategy, pick your cut list, and then begin cutting your toolpaths. Block Drill toolpaths take advantage of [...]

2 05, 2018

Productivity and Machining Performance

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(Reprint from Cutting Tool Manufacturing magazine.) Those who track productivity and machining performance are likely familiar with the concept of price versus cost of use. Despite their familiarity, though, when they talk to a cutting tool vendor about price, their reaction often is “Yikes, that tool is expensive!” They react this way because they don’t understand how tool performance affects the true cost of machining a particular part. Many expensive cutting tools have been engineered for high efficiency. When programmed to follow optimal CAM toolpaths and matched to a machine tool’s capability, they may offer total-cost-and-performance results that are significantly better than lower-cost cutting tools. Unlike traditional, offset-based toolpaths, newer toolpath strategies and technology can help keep machining performance at an optimal level. All images courtesy of CNC Software. At our manufacturing lab, CNC Software Inc., Tolland, Conn., conducted tests comparing cutting tool prices and actual productivity costs. We wanted to discover if preconceived notions we hear about cutting tool costs were true. One notion is that productivity results for an expensive tool will be essentially the same as a cheaper tool. We selected four solid-carbide endmills, cutting a sample part made from a familiar yet challenging material. [...]

30 04, 2018

Mastercam 2018 System Enhancements

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In the Mastercam 2018 release, there have been many system enhancements that can be seen throughout the entire Mastercam Family of Products. If you are using Mastercam 2018, it’s good a good reminder and if you’re not yet using Mastercam 2018, here’s what you are missing. Analyze Toolpath – Now includes XYZ location data corresponding to the mouse location at the start or end of the toolpath segment. This is in addition to the feed and speed data that is shown between the start and end of the segment. And, Analyze Distance Along Curve allows you to find the distance along a line, arc, or spline edge without having to trim or break it first. Command Finder – Searches for and opens Mastercam functions. It opens as a floating window that can be repositioned and remains on-screen until you close it. Enter a word in the Command Finder and Mastercam returns a list of possible matches that include a short description of the function. Endpoint Display – Has been enhanced, now displaying as solid white circles with a black outline to provide contrast with different geometry and background colors. Probe Operations – Are now associated to their selected geometry. As with [...]

23 04, 2018

Mastercam 2018 Mill-Turn Improvements

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Mastercam Mill-Turn makes machining on today’s high-powered turning centers and full-function machining centers simpler and easier than ever before. These machines eliminate multiple setups, manual part handling, redundant fixturing, and reduce idle time—boosting production and maximizing fitability. Center Support and Tailstock Operations With the support for center tools, you can now create a Center Point toolpath, which is used when you need to mount a center tool in a turret and engage the tool for live center support. And, you can now create Tailstock Operations to quickly create a set of operations to load a center tool, move to stock clearance and, if applicable, advance the quill. The available tailstock options differ depending on the selected machine. You can also create a set of tailstock operations to retract the quill and tailstock, and unload the center tool. Mastercam now supports center tool definitions. Now, when creating a tailstock or Center Point toolpath, the center tool will display in the graphics window. General Enhancements: You can now chain geometry on multiple planes, similar to Lathe chaining. All features can be toolpathed on multiple sides in one operation. Edit common parameters is now available in Mill-Turn. If you import an operation, Mastercam will [...]

16 04, 2018

Mastercam Tech Exchange

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The Tech Exchange page on the Mastercam website is a valuable resource available to all registered Mastercam customers. It has links to dozens of files you can download and use in your projects. Here are some examples of how it works. When you log in at and go to the Support button and select Tech Exchange from the drop-down menu. Near the top, there are several search filters you can apply if you want to narrow down the display list results. From there, browse the category tabs below the search filters and choose between Sample Files which show the latest innovations in toolpath, Tool Libraries featuring several cutter and tool holding component manufacturers. It also includes some Posts that you can try before buying a fully customized one. The Downloads are all clearly labeled with the Mastercam version, product type, and measurement units that they support. Once you have downloaded some files, you can explore ways to use the resources in the files. For instance, you can explore the use of stock models and multi-axis roughing techniques in the docking ring sample. Or, try a new type of tooling like the circle segment line, or test outfit a turret [...]

9 04, 2018

Women in Manufacturing

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In an interview for the Woman and Manufacturing (WAM) podcast, Meghan West, president and CEO of CNC Software, Inc., shares valuable insight. Meghan’s father founded CNC Software, the creators of Mastercam, 35 years ago. Growing up with the family business, Meghan gained a unique passion for manufacturing and first-hand perspective on trends and technologies affecting the industry. When asked about the best piece of advice from her dad, Meghan shared: “Don’t limit yourself.” She suggests finding out what makes you happy and then doing that." “Own your destiny; your opportunities are the ones you create. You need to put in the effort, put in the work, and earn the respect of others to do that.” That’s brought Meghan to where she is today. She speaks about her rise to leadership in the manufacturing industry, the importance of education and mentorship, opportunities within manufacturing, the need to address the skills gap, strategies to reduce the gender gap, and much more in this informative WAM podcast. “In the U.S. manufacturing jobs are on the rise, but not enough people are skilled and educated to fill these positions. They are high paying, great jobs for people with talent and interest in manufacturing – it’s [...]

2 04, 2018

Mastercam 2019 Public Beta

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Would you like to help shape the next generation of Mastercam? The Public Beta for the upcoming Mastercam 2019 release is now open to all currently maintained Mastercam customers. You can download it by clicking the button at the bottom of this article. Please note that Cimquest does not provide technical support for the Beta version, but you can send your feedback directly to CNC Software (the makers of Mastercam) to let them know what you think! Just a few highlights to look for in Mastercam 2019 Beta: New 2D/3D Milling Features improve toolpath efficiency control. Automate 2D chamfering and multiaxis deburring operations. Accelerated Finishing™ is expanded with taper and lens-style tool support. Surface and Solid Modeling Improvements simplify CAD for CAM and deliver greater design and geometry editing tools for shop-floor programmers. Powerful Turning and Mill-Turn improve your productivity with new plunge/grooving strategies, additional PrimeTurning™ support, expanded 3D tool and holder support, plus bar feed and import/export operation improvements. Improved Validation with new, advanced toolpath display and analysis, plus improvements to machine simulation and support. Streamlined workflow and graphics with new sectional views, level and planes management. ...and many other productivity improvements across the entire product. Want to know [...]

30 03, 2018

Mastercam 2018 Promotions Still Available

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There is still time to take advantage of some rare opportunities to elevate your CNC capabilities at a reduced cost. We have two current Mastercam promotions going on . . . Customer Loyalty Promotion If you are a Maintenance customer currently on the Maintenance Program, you can save up to 20% on additional Mastercam seats and upgrades. Free Update Promotion Receive a free update to Mastercam 2018 with the purchase of one year of maintenance. By updating to Mastercam 2018 you’ll gain access to all of the latest enhancements and features in Mastercam. Major releases are also made available to customers with active Maintenance at no additional charge. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us today by clicking the button below to take advantage of these great deals, or for immediate response, call us 866-277-8778. Contact Us

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