HEM training classAre you looking for a class that teaches you how to reduce cycle time, extend tool and machine life, or where to find and calculate cutting data and dial in your milling process?

High-Efficiency milling (HEM) training classes are application classes that put all the pieces of the cutting environment together with a focus on metal roughing. We look at the 7 key areas that affect the milling process, consider how they affect each other, and teach how to create harmony between them for the best outcome.

During these 3-day class sessions, you will work through a series of specific real-life milling examples in which you will be challenged to select tooling, cutting data, and toolpaths for a given material, tooling, work holding, tool holding, and CNC milling machine. You will be tasked with programming the parts in Mastercam and then analyzing them to determine what adjustments are needed to dial in the process. By the end of the class, parts are cut and you will work through chip analysis to determine current cutting conditions and determine recommendations to optimize the process with the end goal of cycle reduction, and extended tool and machine life.

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