The PrimeTurning toolpath, which was introduced in Mastercam 2018 as an Add-In, is now fully integrated into Mastercam 2019. To use it, select PrimeTurning on the Lathe Turning or Mill-Turn Turning contextual tab.

Mastercam 2019 PrimeTurning Toolpath

Mastercam has partnered with Sandvik Coromant on the development and support of their innovative PrimeTurning™ method and CoroTurn® Prime tooling. With these tools and methods, Mastercam allows you to turn in conventional turning and PrimeTurning directions. When combined with either CoroTurn Prime A-type or B-type inserts, PrimeTurning provides superior metal removal rate, productivity gains of over 50%, and increased tool life in a variety of materials.

PrimeTurning has high metal removal rates that are the result of running the CoroTurn inserts at double the speed and feed, compared to conventional turning strategies. These inserts utilize a chip thinning design that reduces temperature at the leading edge and away from the tool nose. You experience greater chip control and increased tool life, requiring fewer tool changes and production stops.

Improved Tool Libraries for PrimeTurning
The CoroTurn Prime tool libraries for PrimeTurning now include Sandvik’s 0.4mm radius inserts. The libraries are installed with Mastercam 2019, and can also be downloaded from the Tech Exchange ( on

3D Tool Libraries for PrimeTurning
With the introduction of 3D tool support (3D Tool Support), two 3D tool libraries are available for PrimeTurning. One library is in inch, the other library is in metric. These libraries can be downloaded from the Tech Exchange on

Mastercam 2019 PrimeTurning Toolpath

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