There are many different materials available for 3D printing and today we are going to talk about ULTEM 9085, which is a production grade thermoplastic used for high-performance parts. Known for its reliability, ULTEM 9085 has superior thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties. This thermoplastic is flame-retardant with a high FST rating. This certification paired with Ultem’s high strength-to weight ratio makes it ideal for aerospace and automotive applications, particularly in commercial airplanes and marine and ground vehicles. And while ULTEM 9085 doesn’t have as high of a compression strength or stiffness as ULTEM 1010, it does have the highest impact and fatigue resistance, along with more ductility.

Ultem 1

ULTEM 9085 is available on the Fortus 400, 450, and 900mc.

Ultem 9085

It uses a breakaway support structure, with two different layer thickness capabilities. When this material was first released, it was only available in a standard tan color, for example this air control duct and grill. However black was eventually added to the lineup because of the color’s aesthetical appeal and uniform look. Black also masks dirt and stains that tend to arise from functional use.

Ultem 3

Because of ULTEM 9085’s high tensile strength and impressive heat deflection, manufacturers are using it for advanced functional prototypes and even end use parts. For example, NASA developed antenna array supports out of ULTEM 9085, which were tested and verified for a satellite scheduled to launch this year.

Ultem 4

As you can see, ULTEM 9085 gives engineers the ability to 3D print specialized small volume parts in a cost effective and timely manner. Prototypes and end-use parts, which were once cost prohibitive, can now be printed in a matter of hours.

Ultem 5

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