Mastercam 2018 Create Curves Enhancements
In Mastercam 2018, toggling the CPlane 2D/3D construction mode enables different construction modes for Curve One Edge and Curve All Edges. Setting the construction mode to 2D creates geometry parallel to the current CPlane at a designated Z depth. This eliminates the extra steps that were required to project the 3D geometry to the defined CPlane.

Mastercam has added a feature to automatically select tangent solid edges. Holding down the [Shift] key and clicking an edge selects all tangent edges at once. This makes it fast and easy to select small features in complicated parts, without having to repeatedly zoom in and out.

Wireframe / Curve All Edges also includes several new features to simplify your workflow. With Face Selection automatically enabled, the [Shift] + [Click] option makes it easy to select all tangent faces with just one click.

Curve On All Edges has two new options, which make it easier for you to create tool containment boundaries using curves. Selecting Ignore Shared Edges removes the inside geometry created from the tangent faces, leaving a clean perimeter.

In addition, you can remove any geometry inside the outer curves. Choosing Only Outside Loops removes all inner geometry.

These powerful features speed your workflow and produce a more accurate tool containment boundary quicker than using Silhouette Boundary.

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