Mastercam 2019

Mastercam 2019 includes many new features and enhancements to the milling and routing side of the software.

General Improvements

Accelerated Finishing technology addresses today’s finishing tool geometries and processes, resulting in greater efficiency and higher machining productivity when using Mill. Two new tool types, Lens Form and Taper Form, have been added, and Barrel Mill has been moved to the Accelerated Finishing group, with additional variations of this shape now available.

Skip Pocket Smaller Than is a new parameter that allows you to skip pockets based on a tool diameter percent, rather than by entering a dedicated size of the pocket. This is helpful when Mastercam thinks that a pocket is large enough to accommodate the tool, but the entry move is so compressed that the tool is effectively plunging into the part.

Check Holder is integrated with Mastercam and has been improved. Use this feature to check an operation’s tool holder for interference with the part. It calculates areas where there are interferences between the holder and the part and tells you the minimum tool length required to avoid it.

2D High Speed Toolpaths

A new toolpath is now available for 2D machining. The Model Chamfer toolpath allows you to machine safe horizontal chamfers on solid models. After selecting your geometry, Model Chamfer has several unique parameters to further control the toolpath.

Maintain Sharp Corners is now available for standard 2D Contour and Pocket toolpaths. This new option allows you to roll the toolpath around sharp corners and is available when you enter a positive value for Stock to leave on walls.

3D High Speed Toolpaths

Mastercam 3D HST

A new 3D high speed toolpath, Equal Scallop, creates a consistent scallop motion relative to stepover distance. Equal Scallop produces a superior surface finish compared to 3D HST Scallop. Equal Scallop generates clean, noise-free motion with the ability to smooth out sharp corners or convert the motion to a spiral approach while avoiding stepover moves.

The linking process time for Area Roughing toolpaths has improved, specifically for parts with many pockets and small stepdowns. This improves the overall processing time for high speed machining applications that use Highfeed endmills. These tools typically use a smaller stepdown which can generate many pockets to sort.

Projected Boundary Smoothing tolerance has been added for Hybrid and Equal Scallop toolpaths. When you project a containment boundary onto the machining model, the resulting projected boundary can be jagged or noisy, especially near steep features. Use this option to allow Mastercam to improve the quality of the projected boundary.

Multiaxis Features

Mastercam Multiaxis

A new toolpath, Deburr, is now available for Multiaxis machining. This toolpath is used to break edges for 3- to 5-axis, and to remove burrs. Deburr can be used with the Ball endmill and the Lollipop with undercut tools.

Morph and Parallel toolpaths now support a gradual Front Shift which keeps the tool in better contact with the part, without placing excess wear on the tool’s leading and trailing edges. Without gradual Front shift, the tool cuts across the part with the tool’s edge.

Curve, Swarf, Flow, Multisurface, Port, and Rotary toolpaths are now Multithreaded, which lets Mastercam operate while the toolpaths generate. You may experience speed improvements in multiple and offset cut calculations.

You can learn more about the dozens of additional enhancements to the Milling and Routing suite at