New Mastercam Learning Hub & Free Classes

Mastercam just launched their new Learning Hub on myMastercam. Now you can easily find all Mastercam-related learning content in one place, such as Mastercam University, Mastercam Certification, Mastercam Learning Edition, and more to come. And the best part? . . .

Mastercam University is now offered for free to all customers, students, and potential customers! Mastercam University offers 24/7 access to fully online training. The courses are designed to be self-paced. Each lesson contains a set of learning objectives, assessment questions, and challenges to be completed by the student. Existing users will find that Mastercam University features better content structure, more video-based content, and improved local language support.

New features for Mastercam University

  • Easy access to all courses inside myMastercam
  • With the new myMastercam Learning Hub, you will now find signing on easier with the elimination of an extra website. With improved course nagivation and structure, you will have access to all Mastercam learning content, including all University courses.
  • New tools to make learning more fun! There is now more video-based content than ever before, as well as improved search and findability of courses. You can also easily resume where you left off with automatic course progress.
  • Improved local language support for non-English speaking students.
  • Full, selectable video transcription will now be provided alongside each video within Mastercam University. This allows for machine language translation into 16 different languages (as of August 2023).

What is Mastercam Certification?

Mastercam Certification offers interactive courses, proctored exams, and direct payment for courses and exams. Within this new platform, you can design, develop, schedule, proctor, and collect data on Mastercam Certification exams. It’s the easiest path to becoming Mastercam Certified! No longer do you need to visit an on-site testing area; you can now become Mastercam Certified from the comfort of your home or workplace.

What is Mastercam Learning Edition?

You can now easily download the latest version of the Mastercam Learning Edition through the Learning Hub. Mastercam Learning Edition is a free CAD/CAM software download for demo and educational purposes. Whether you are an industry professional, student, or teacher, if you are looking for a way to get more familiar with CAD/CAM software, Mastercam Learning Edition offers the full suite of Mastercam with few restrictions for free for one year.

On the Learning Hub, you’ll also find quick access to Tutorials, the Mastercam Forum, and Knowledge Base. Check it out today!