Mastercam Multiaxis FunctionalityMastercam X9 continues to build upon its powerful Multiaxis functionality. Program your multiaxis equipment with confidence and ease using the new Multiaxis Link operation. Multiaxis link ensures reposition moves between 2- through 5-axis operations are safe and collision-free. Multiaxis link is an operation that takes a list of toolpath operations and a safety zone shape as input. The safety zone can be represented with a cylinder, sphere, or rectangle defined manually or with the autofind button for ease of programming. Mastercam X9 supports a vivid preview to aid in the safety zone definition. You can establish an axis of rotation and choose to output the reposition moves at rapid or a preferred feed rate. Simply select the desired 2- through 5-axis operations to safely move between and process the Multiaxis link operation.

Mastercam already supports many 2- and 3-axis toolpaths in the Multi-Threading Manager, allowing you to continue to work as toolpaths process in the background. Mastercam X9 introduces improved processing logic for advanced multiaxis toolpaths. Select multiaxis toolpaths now process in the Multi-Threading Manager, streamlining your 2- through 5-axis workflow experience.

Mastercam’s powerful Port Expert toolpath already streamlines the workflow necessary to program complex port shapes. Mastercam X9 introduces a new Minimize tilt option to refine the already smooth and efficient Port Expert motion. When Minimize tilt is enabled, Port Expert tries to minimize the tilting motion while still machining the port shape to completion. This new option will aid in creating smooth motion for many different machine configurations.

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