Mastercam Training

We offer a variety of Mastercam training classes in our various Cimquest offices. These classes run year round so you can always find just what you need, where you need it. Why not start the New Year off by making plans to take some training? This will ensure that you and your programmers are up to speed and are best utilizing all the latest Mastercam functionality.

Here are the classes and locations that are running for the rest of this month, as well as next month. You can always check our website for a complete list of upcoming classes.

Mill Essentials

  • Jan 14-17, Windsor Locks, CT
  • Feb 4-7, HFO, Long Island
  • Feb. 11-14, Branchburg, NJ

Mill 3 Axis

  • Feb. 4-6, Windsor Locks, CT
  • Feb. 11-13, HBG, PA
  • Feb. 20-22, Hanover, VA
  • Feb. 25-27, Sterling, MA

Mill 5 Axis

  • Jan. 14-15, Branchburg, NJ
  • Feb. 4-5, HBG, PA
  • Feb. 25-26, Windsor Locks, CT

Lathe Essentials

  • Jan. 14-15, HBG, PA
  • Feb. 7-8, Sterling, MA
  • Feb 7-8, Remote Butler, PA
  • Feb. 18-19, Hanover, VA
  • Feb 19-20, Branchburg, NJ

Advanced Lath

  • Feb. 11-12, Windsor Locks, CT


  • Feb. 25-26, Branchburg, NJ

For more information or to register for any of these classes, please click the button below.